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Fluoride filter pitchers and fluoride filter pitcher reviews and information.

A fluoride filter pitcher can reduce the amount of fluoride in your drinking water. Fluoride can be removed from drinking water, but most commercial water filter pitchers do not filter out the fluoride.

The three methods that are recommended for removing fluoride from drinking water by the EPA and WQA are using a activated alumina filter media, bone char carbon filter system, and reverse osmosis systems.

Regular water pitchers with carbon filters will not remove fluoride as some claim they do. A double multi-media cartridge filter system must be used to allow proper contact time for effective fluoride removal. The material in the activated alumina filter cartridges is aluminum oxide, which the same chemical substance as sapphire and rubies, but without the impurities (this is not aluminum).

Although a fluoride filter pitcher won't filter out 100% of the fluoride, we've found these filtering water pitchers that really do a remarkable job of removing most of the fluoride. In fact they will reduce up to 90% of the fluoride! The following fluoride water pitchers remove an amazing amount of contaminants given the size of the filter.

We always say that all things equal, how good a filter is is determined by how much filter material there is. Now all things aren't equal! These water filter pitchers have a superior type of filtration material originally designed for places in the world where the water is awful. These filter pitchers use powdered carbon that is treated with three other proprietary filter materials that result in extremely high removal rates of virtually all the contaminants you might find in municipal water.

These fluoride filter pitchers reduce up to 90% of the FLUORIDE!

Below is a list of commercial Fluoride Filter pitchers that are available for your home.

Seychelle Fluoride Filter Pitcher

  • Fluoride is reduced by about 75% to 80%
  • This filter works on all the categories of contaminants
  • This Water Filter Pitcher filters viruses and bacteria up to 99.9999%
  • Tested to show removal of most contaminants at levels above 90% - most around 99%
  • Chlorination byproducts (the risk with chlorine) were removed at 99.6% or better in independent tests. (One customer personally tested and reported 0 chlorine.)
  • Even chloramines are removed up to a 90% rate
  • Tests show a 97% filtering rate for cadmium
  • Tested and approved by independent laboratories, including the California state-approved County of Los Angeles lab, using EPA/ANSI protocols and NSF Standards 42 and 53
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