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"The Hazards Lurking at Home"
By Alice Park Thursday, Apr. 01, 2010

In Time Magazine's article "The Hazards Lurking at Home", fluoride was listed as one of the Top 10 Common Household Toxins. In the article they point out that fluoride is "neurotoxic and potentially tumorigenic if swallowed; the American Dental Association advises that children under 2 not use fluoride toothpaste."

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Ash May Hover for Days Over Uncertain Europe
Spewing anew, volcano keeps Europe land-bound and uncertain of long term under ashy shadow, The Associated Press
By SYLVIA HUI and ANGELA CHARLTON Associated Press Writers
PARIS April 17, 2010 (AP)

Excerpt from article on the volcano that erupted in Iceland (8th paragraph down):

"With the sky blackened out and the wind driving a fine, sticky dust, dairy farmer Berglind Hilmarsdottir teamed up with neighbors to round her animals and get them to shelter. The ash is toxic the fluoride causes long-term bone damage that makes teeth fall out and bones break."


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