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There are numerous health conditions being linked to overexposure of fluoride and fluoride poisoning. Listed below are some of the most common fluoride side effects. Poisonpaste.com is an ongoing project and more related health risks will be added at a later date, so please check back frequently.

Dental Fluorosis

One of the most visible and well-recognized side-effects of ingesting fluoride toothpaste is a discoloration of teeth called "Dental Fluorosis." Fluoride produces dental fluorosis by damaging the cells (ameloblasts) which produce the tooth's enamel. The resulting discoloration of teeth can range from white spots in the mild forms of the disorder to brownish and black stains in the the moderate and severe forms.

The CDC in March of 2007 provided updated information on the rate of dental fluorosis among US schoolchildren. According to this latest report, 41% of children aged 12-15 now have some degree of fluorosis, whereas 36% of children 16-19 have fluorosis. The CDC provided this information at a conference of the International Association of Dental Research (IADR). A summary of CDC's presentation can be found online at: CDC Dental Fluorosis Summary

More and more evidence shows that fluorides and dental fluorosis are actually associated with increased tooth decay. The most comprehensive US review was carried out by the National Institute of Dental Research on 39,000 school children aged 5-17 years. It showed no significant differences in terms of DMF (decayed, missing and filled teeth). What it did show was that high decay cities (66.5-87.5 percent) have 9.34 percent more decay in the children who drink fluoridated water. Furthermore, a 5.4 percent increase in students with decay was observed when 1 ppm fluoride was added to the water supply. Nine fluoridated cities with high decay had 10 percent more decay than nine equivalent non-fluoridated cities.

Being that dental fluorosis is such a visible and tangible effect of over-exposure to fluoride, toothpaste companies are becoming increasingly vulnerable to litigation as public awareness of dental fluorosis increases. As a possible harbinger of what lies ahead for the industry, a family in England won a settlement from Colgate to pay for the costs of treating the dental fluorosis which their toothpaste caused.

Fluoride and Fibromyalgia

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Severe Fluorosis

The most severe form of fluoride poisoning from overexposure, other than death of course, is Skeletal Fluorosis. Click here to read more about this crippling condition: Skeletal Fluorosis and Natural Fluoride In India

FLUORIDE POISONING: is fluoride in your drinking water—and from other sources—making you sick?


"Although dental public health officials in countries promoting water fluoridation adamantly deny the existence of illness caused by fluoride in drinking water, undeniable medical ill effects from fluoride added to drinking water have been known and reported since the start of water fluoridation over 50 years ago. Even today, those who experience these adverse effects, whether from fluoride in their drinking water or from other sources, know only too well how insidious these ailments can be, what a relief it is to find out what is causing them, and how easily they can often be overcome simply by reducing excessive intake of fluoride."

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