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Spry® Xylitol Gum

Not only does Spry® toothpaste taste great, but their chewing gum is just as good! Spry® gum doesn't just taste awesome, but Xylitol gum helps reduce the risk of tooth decay according to The California Dental Association, "Xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol that helps prevents cavities." - http://www.cda.org/popup/xylitol

(These statements are not based on the claims of Xlear, Inc., the makers of Spry®, but from published studies from Dental Associations around the world. See more Xylitol resources here: Xylitol Information.)

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Zapp® Xylitol Gum

Another great brand of Xylitol Chewing Gum that helps prevent cavities is "Zapp®".

With the most xylitol per piece of any xylitol chewing gum on the market, it's easy to understand why so many dentists recommend Zapp®! to their patients.

Made in the USA! This means ZAPP! is the safest & highest quality product available. They will always offer the best product possible to their customers!

Information on Xylitol from Zapp Gum: Zapp® Xylitol Gum

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